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I understand that my participation in the Basketball Lab involves Risk and dangers of serious and permanent bodily injury and death. I, or my parent/guardian if I am a minor, hereby release, hold harmless, discharge and agree not to sue Basketball Lab, Trainers, Volunteers, Agents, Sponsors, Advertisers, Owners/Leasers of Premises for all liability from my participation in these and any other related social/recreational activities. I also understand the Basketball Lab retains the right to use for publicity and advertising, photographs and video taken of the participants.

Medical Release

I have given my daughter/son permission to participate in the Basketball Lab events, and I certify that she/he is in good health and can take part in all Basketball Lab activities. If an injury occurs, I authorize the training staff to take all proper action and use the emergency service available at the nearest hospital if necessary. I understand my personal insurance will be used in this case. In case of an emergency, I authorize the personnel to take action.

$ 0.00

Registration fee $50 includes: 1 evaluation training, 1 training jersey.